At Tour du Jour, we know that you can live in L.A. your whole life and still not see everything this great city has to offer. We know that many of us never venture outside of our work/home radius to explore other parts of the city. And we know that it’s not easy – or safe – to sightsee while you’re driving!

So at Tour du Jour we say, "Why should tourists have all the fun?" Let Tour du Jour make your special occasion truly special. Some possibilities include:

Theme Parties
Art lovers, movie lovers, architecture fans – imagine you and some like-minded friends on a private tour tailored to your particular passion.

Celebrate with a tour, stopping for birthday cake or cocktails at a hot new restaurant.

Wedding or Bar Mitzvah Guests
Treating your out-of-town guests to a tour of Los Angeles is a unique and thoughtful way to say "Thanks for coming".